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Jacket Caddy - Locking Cable - Secure Apparel, Equipment, etc.

Sold out.

Guys, my friend that was making the Jacket Caddies has retired and will no longer be making them for me. I am looking into having someone else make them but this takes time so if anyone is interested, email me and I'll put you on a contact list for when they are ready but this all depends on what kind of prices I can get. He said that they would now cost him the same in material as he USED to sell them when he first started   :(

Sorry about that.


The Jacket Caddy is a 60" Security Cable for your Apparel and Equipment. For International Orders, please see info at the bottom. Also, scroll to the bottom for combo deal/discount with the Helmet Hook

It is a Vinyl-coated steel cable with end loops for locking items to your bike. Non-scratching and coils easily for tank bag storage.

Use it to:

  • Secure your jacket, pants, etc, to your bike. Pull the Jacket Caddy through the sleeves or pant legs of your clothing and lock it to the bike.
  • Use it to lock your bike's front wheel.
  • You can do the same for any equipment including your helmet.
  • Secure your tools at your job site or bring along on vacation to secure other items such as radios, suit cases, etc.
  • These cables can be used to secure many other objects: generators, guns, propane tanks, spare tires, tools, ATV's, PWC, bicycles, strollers, etc.
  • Lock your trailer to your vehicle.
  • Lock Lawn Mowing equipment to your trailer.
  • Non-scratch vinyl-coated cabling......crimped sleeves are rubber coated to prevent scratching. 900 lb breaking strength.
  • Comes in many different colors and different lengths (see the drop down menu above).

  • Small, sturdy, unobtrusive Brass/Steel Padlocks available.

  • Custom lengths available, Email us
  • Buy Pad Lock and Jacket Caddy together and save $1.55 (combo option in the Drop Down List above)
  • Buy together with a Helmet Hook and receive $3 discount. Use discount coupon Discount3 at checkout!! IF you have a problem with combining the discounts, just email us at

Instructions for International Buyers:

Note that shipping outside of the USA is normally anywhere from $2-4 (for this product)  depending on the country. When checking out, if shipping is more than that, just send us an email and we will adjust it. Normally the international shipping rates work just fine, but once in awhile, the check out system will charge customers more than we actually pay. We tend to catch this and refund the difference manually. If you are unsure of anything, please email us at


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Robert Dietrich

Jacket Caddy - Locking Cable - Secure Apparel, Equipment, etc.


locking cable work good and are very compact. I also bought helmet hooks they work great.


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