The Helmet Hook

Although I have always loved animals, the last ten years or so, I have gotten really concerned about the well being of animals. It hurts me to see how we torture, starve and in other ways mistreat creatures that are not only vital to our world but so much a part of us. We use them for experiments, we breed them to "supposedly" make a few dollars and we fight them to boost our ego and make money. It disgusts me as a human being that this is being done and I have for years tried to do my small part in helping the animals. When I invented the Helmet Hook, I decided to give away part of my sales to animal rescues and other charity involving the benefit of our planet. Yes, I am a bit of a tree hugger and decided that my Helmet Hook does not need any extra packaging as it will undoubtedly be thrown away immediately and therefore, if ordering the Helmet Hook only, it will be sent in a padded envelope, no other packaging. I intend to give at least $1 per Helmet Hook to a charity and mostly to animal rescues and I will back this up by periodically posting screen captures of my payments which are usually made through Paypal. It is my hope that others will follow, not only individuals but also companies. It takes so little to do so much and the people that are the real heroes, need help, they need money more than anything. I was going to put up a donation button where you could donate directly but was afraid that people might think I would be keeping the money so instead, I will link directly to the donation page of the different organizations.

Last year, I donated 4% of my income to charity. Again, mostly animal rescues.

I have donated time and money and in times of need, I have gotten help myself (for my animals) from different people and organizations and I would really, really love to give back much more than what I have gotten, so please tell others and above all, spread the word about helping the animals. Always Spay and Neuter and Adopt rather than buying animals. currently has over 300,000 animals looking for a good home. Remember that the adoption fees are NOT a price for the animals, they use that money to help more animals. Also, adopt an adult animal as they are harder to find a home for and they are MUCH easier to take care of compared to a puppy.


Short list of some of the Animals Rescue organizations I have been involved with, I have given donations to or that have helped me. Please Like their pages and Share their info. It helps tremendously to get the word out:

  • Pit Bulls Against Misinformation.
    These are amazing people that help many, many dogs.
    Link to their donation page. Link to their Facebook page. Note that I posted an offer on Facebook where I would give this organization $3 per Helmet Hook sold. To help them and help me help them, please post this picture on your Facebook profile and ask your friends to share it worldwide. Screen Capture of donation offer. Note, when befriending me, please do so on my Helmet Hook profile on Facebook.

  • Rocky Ridge Refuge. This lady has the most amazing rescue organization with all kinds of animals living together and getting along in a way that most of us can't. Here is her Facebook page and here is her Donation Page.

  • Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. These people rescue a huge amount of dogs in NYC. They pull them out of kill shelters, take them to vets and find homes for them. Their Facebook page is here and their Donation page is here.

  • Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue. I have not only fostered but adopted Great Danes from these amazing people. Here is a link to their site. You can buy merchandise on their site including a yearly Great Dane calendar in which I proudly had pictures of my dogs several years in a row. You can also donate and adopt animals through them.

    Note that you can search for a suitable animal on this site. By area, by type of animal, by age, etc. Here is the site and please, tell everyone about these sites.

Other Great Organizations:

  • Care2. This is a great place to make your voice heard. It costs nothing but a few seconds to support a worthwhile cause/petition and you get rewarded with points that you can then give away to different causes and organizations that they will get in the form of food or other help. Click here. You can also start your own petition.

  • Play daily trivia (for free) for which in return, they give away free Dog and Cat Food. FreeKibble for Dogs is here and the Cat trivia is here. New trivia every day.



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