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Our testimonials are from real people. Their words and their pictures.

This one is from Michael in Imperial Beach, CA


What a great idea this product is! I just got back from going to the World Superbike Races in Monterey CA and while I was there, at a gas station, I put my $500 Shoei helmet on the mirror of my bike. When I went to walk my bike away from the gas pump my helmet started to fall off of the mirror. When I tried to catch it I ended up dropping my bike AND the helmet. The helmet and visor got scratched more than the bike, thanks to my engine guards, etc., but the scratches in the helmet are a real drag, and the new visor cost more than 2 of your helmet hooks.

One of my (5) friends that I rode up with from San Diego had 2 of your helmet hooks on his bike, so naturally, after that, I asked him where he got them. He gave me your website.

By the way, my bike is a 2013 KLR 650.

I will attach a picture of my bike they are going on, and a picture of the 5 bikes we rode up there, with my friends red and white Ducati Multistrada on the end, that has 2 of your helmet hooks on it.

Hopefully, these will help me from going through that scenario again!




Assorted customer feedback, most of them from the forum and a few from the forums. As you can see, I've left every info intact for verification. I do NOT believe in feedback that cannot be backed up.


In a world full of bike accessories, the Helmethook is one that you won't realize you needed until you have it. Those of you with storage challenged rides like scooters, will love having a place to put a helmet while filling up or running in to grab some groceries. I consider my Helmethook a necessity, not an option and you will too. - Mark Pafko, Minneapolis MN


I received my Helmet Hook approx. 3 days after I ordered, and the install was very simple and took a total of 5 minutes including taking it out of the envelope.  The hook is made from ABS plastic and is very sturdy and comes with two holes predrilled for a small padlock in case you need to secure your helmet.  The hook is designed to be used  on either the clutch or throttle side.  I went for a ride the following day and the hook did not interfere while going through the twisties.  While stopped for breaks, my helmet was held securely and there was no risk of the helmet falling.  I am very happy with the Helmet Hook and I highly recommend it.



  • From Ivan Sandoval in Racine, WI
    Just a quick note to say " Thank You Very Much" for the great product and service. Very well done! Keep up the good work! The two Helmet Hooks i ordered fit on my Sons 2014 Triumph Street Triple and my 2002 Yamaha FZ1 with zero issues. I'll be sure to tell fellow riders about your product and great service!

  • From BabaAus on the forum
    "Hey Bro'. I love the HelmetHook. EXTREMELY handy! I'll pitch it whenever I can". Some time later, he sent me this..."The Helmet Hook continues to be a favored farkle of mine"

30 second Helmet Hook installation


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