The Helmet Hook

Important information about shipping prices and available discounts for International orders.

At we pride ourselves with ONLY charging the actual shipping cost and absolutely nothing extra for handling costs. 
Shipping cost used to be fairly reasonable but has recently changed and has forced us to offer an explanation and to offer a discount.

The US Mail used to offer a shipping option called Flat Envelope which was fairly cheap and we could ship a Helmet Hook internationally for around $4.
They have now changed that to around $5.50 for different countries.
However, on top of that, they no longer allow packages that are not flat (half an inch thick or less - around 12mm) and although the Helmet Hook is not thick, it is actually just a little thicker than that.This means that instead of risking that they delay the package or return it, we will instead offer to ship you the Helmet Hook as a package which will now cost close to $13 depending on the location.

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to order more than one to save on shipping cost and this is because the Helmet Hook is very light and as an example, one hook costs around $13 to ship and ten hooks around $22 so as you see, the shipping price PER hook drops substantially.
So, we would like to urge you to perhaps get some as gifts for your riding buddies or even just talk to them and buy together and for this, we have set up a DISCOUNT CODE for International buyers of $3.00 OFF per Helmet Hook.

When you check out and you are asked if you have a discount code, enter the code INTERNATIONAL and it will give you a $3 discount per hook.

Note that this is for International orders ONLY. Canada is NOT included as the rates are virtually the same as in the USA.

This discount is for a minimum of 3 Helmet Hooks ! !

We have decided to take a chance and ship 1-2 hooks as a FLAT ENVELOPE to save on shipping so you will see shipping prices jump from when you buy say 2 helmet hooks to 3 or more which will be sent at the higher rate of PACKAGE and will also give us a much better chance of them getting there and getting on time.

For customers from Canada, we have a FREE SHIPPING offer for you if you order a minimum of 3 Helmet Hooks. If so, use the discount code FREESHIP at checkout. Again, 3 Helmet Hooks minimum for this discount.


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