The Helmet Hook

The Helmet Hook, your best option to avoid dropping your Helmet

So, your helmet keeps falling off the bike? Boy, do I have a solution for you.

Like many inventions and ideas, the Helmet Hook was born from frustration. I simply dropped my helmet one too many times. My helmet only cost me $137 and it still hurt every time that thing fell on the ground and started rolling around. I can only imagine what people feel that have a $500-1,200 dollar helmet...

Anyway, without further ado, I present the Helmet Hook...

  • When you stop to get gas, hang your helmet on the Helmet Hook.
  • No more hanging it on the rear view mirrors only to have to readjust them.
  • Did you know that when hanging your helmet on your rear view mirrors or even the bar end weights on your handlebar, you risk crushing the helmet liner which will lower it's ability to protect your head. Arai even says so in their helmet manuals. Here are a few things you shouldn't do with your helmet.
  • Some bikes have helmet locks or you can buy an after market helmet lock but they are always attached to the frame meaning that your helmet WILL be resting against a hard surface, increasing the chance of it getting scraped up
  • The position of the Helmet Hook is IDEAL. It's at the furthermost point from the bike
  • If you have Bar End Weights on your bike (and if not, they're cheap) you can use the Helmet Hook
  • If you have Hand Guards, you can use the Helmet Hook
  • Bottom line, you NEED something to attach the hook to the handlebar and since bar end weights or handguards usually have a bolt or some other attachment going into the handlebar, this is the reason you need either. The metal washer is easily removable to accommodate different mounting options.
  • The Helmet Hook is compatible with virtually every bike on the market Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, etc.
  • Been shopping? Hang your bags on the Helmet Hook while getting your gloves out of the bike luggage, etc. Hang the bags and have your hands free to open the Top Box
  • Do you keep your bike on a Battery Tender? Hang the cables on the Helmet Hook to keep them from dragging on the ground

  • The Helmet Hook can be mounted facing the bike or facing out.
  • Installation is very simple. Unscrew the Bar Weight or Hand Guard, put the Helmet Hook in place and screw Weight or Guard back on.
  • You can hang your helmet from the STRAP, from the D-Rings or other type of attachment and it even works with ratcheting type straps.
  • The Helmet Hook is made from 1/4" Acetal polymer and is very strong. In fact we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Helmet Hook. Should the Helmet Hook ever break or fail in any way, take a picture of the broken one, send it to us and we'll replace it immediately.


  • Note that the Helmet Hook was NOT designed as a Helmet Lock. It is designed for temporary use. Needless to say, you can leave it on there as long as you'd like but the idea behind it is to hang it while you get gas, stop and get something to drink and so on. That said, we do offer a pad lock for those who would like to lock their helmets. You can buy any pad lock but because the pad lock has to go through BOTH sides of the hook, the metal shackle has to be pretty long and most small pad locks have short shackles. We therefore recommend getting a pad lock if you think you may want to lock  your helmet at some point.
  • Also, we have redesigned the Helmet Hook and it now has smaller diameter (outside diameter). Some of the pictures show the old and some the new version. Main picture (red bike) shows the old hook.
  • Note! Because of the many thousands of combinations of bar weights, handguards, bikes and helmets, it is not really possible to make a Helmet Hook that fits perfectly on every bike or for any helmet (some D rings for instance are pretty small). So, keep in mind that because of the material, it is very easy to modify the Helmet Hook to suit your needs. The ABS plastic is easy to grind down if you want the end slimmer or shorter and if you need to bend parts of it, it can easily be heated and formed. Bottom line, it's really easy to make it perfect for your bike and helmet and we are very liberal with our warranty so go ahead, pimp it if necessary.

Important Information!

  • IF you are unsure of whether the Helmet Hook will fit on your handlebars, send us a picture to and we will let you know. Note that it will fit just about any handle bars that have either some kind of hand guards or bar end weights. Regardless if the bar end weights screw into the handlebars with a long bolt or they are the kind that has a screw that goes into a rubber that expands when you tighten it.


  • Do NOT ride with anything hanging on the Helmet Hook!
  • You will need Bar End Weights or Hand Guards to mount the Helmet Hook to the handlebars

Important information for International Customers

  • If you would like to buy more than one Helmet Hook at one time and would like to save on shipping, please click here to get a discount code and also read about the reason international shipping prices have gone up.
  • International shipping usually takes 5-20 days depending on the country.
  • To see if there is a local dealer/distributor (in the USA or International), please go to the Reseller page



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Note! Those who leave reviews that bought products from this site will receive a VERIFIED badge but I have sold the Helmet Hook for years and have sold through forums and other places so NOT having a verified badge does not mean it's made up. I've sold 100's of hooks through and to name a few.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us before leaving a review and let us help you with any mounting or usage questions that you may have or maybe your package hasn't arrived yet. Please contact us first. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Mark stryker
Stay away ,scammer.not what once was.

What he was in the past has changed.ordered items,they never shipped I called no answer ,didn't respond to emails.a week later he calls me drunk telling me he's dying.i said just send my stuff man! I ordered two books two locks I get one hook no locks.he says I'll refund you.never did.he calls me a week after that ,on the phone for 49 seconds and he says I have another call coming in I'll call you later.just save yourself.i know it's a nice little item but not worth the bullshit.and it's not all that ,it's a flimsy piece of not angry,it was forty bucks wasted .I don't get burned often accept for now so keep the money.but here's the review.

Matthew Burch

The Helmet Hook, your best option to avoid dropping your Helmet

Keith Fuller
Ok. But...

I like the hook, but I have to fasten the chin strap in the buckle and hang it by the strap because the helmet can't be quickly hung by the metal ring (too tedious ); but the hook can be altered.

Not so Keith. You can just slide the buckle itself (open or not) through the hook part and the thickness itself will keep it from sliding out. Same as ratcheting connectors and quick connectors.
Thanks for the review :)

Simple and perfect design

I had always looked for the perfect place to hang my helmet. It didn't fall often, but nothing was right. I saw an ad for this and I instantly bought 2. Incredible purchase. Inexpensive and a perfect design. It screwed right in, held in by the bar end end weight. It fits and works exactly as you would want. And now I decided to buy the lock for it. I got a phone call making sure i was ordering the right thing, since I didn't order a hook too! The customer service through helmethook is unbelievable. I am sold, very happy with the product and the company

Robert Pinder
Brilliant! "You can hang your hat on it."

My beautiful Scorpion Belfast helmet in glorious candy apple red fell off my seat onto a gravel driveway a couple of months ago. By some stroke of luck only the screen got chipped up pretty badly.

Since then I have been paranoid. Then I saw an ad for The Helmet Hook and it got me thinking - I could probably come up with something like this.

I futzed around for a time to no avail so I searched out the ad again but I thought there's no way I'm going to pay $25 or $30 (cad) for a pretty mundane piece plastic. Then I got to thinking how upset I would have been if the paint had been damaged on my Belfast or worse, on my very expensive Arai!

So, I bit the bullet and ordered the Hook. But then I couldn't wait for it to arrive - it was such a good idea!

I installed it easily and it is completely unobtrusive. It works so nicely, one of the best purchases I've made in terms of motorcycle accessories.

I hang my helmet on it now with a smirk on my face as my pals hunt around for something to do with their helmets.

BTW, for those of you following the story, Royal Distributing, a Canadian retailer of bike stuff, had the yellow Zox bubble shield I use on my Scorpion on sale for $6.88!!!

Moral of story: order The Helmet Hook right away - you may not be so lucky!

Sadly, the dollar has gone up/CAD down which is why the price is high but also, they raised the shipping from around 4.30 to 8.30 USD which is a big difference. I encourage future buyers to get with their friends and see if they want to order together as each ADDITIONAL helmet hook is only around $1 extra in shipping.

Thanks for the review Robert :)


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