The Helmet Hook

The Helmet Hook - Can-Am Ryker version

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This is a version of the Helmet Hook that is drilled out to fit on the handlebar/mirror of the Can-Am Ryker. Please see this video for a very good explanation and also how to install. Note of course that you do NOT need to drill it out since I've already done that for you.

Note that I don't have a Ryker myself so the pics are just screen captures from QuasiMotard's video online.

The Ryker version comes with two thick O-Rings to keep it from spinning freely like you see in the video. The reason it spins is that there is no way to tighten that mirror enough or rather screw it into the handlebar enough to hold it tight.

The O-Rings solved that and it looks good.
Note that you can buy the regular version which is a few dollars less but you'll have to buy the step drill bit, drill it out and then get the O-Rings which can be anywhere from $3-7 depending on where to buy it and even $4 plus $8 shipping on ebay just for one.

Also, I know from experience that the helmet hook does NOT get in the way but should you feel you want it out of the way, you can always just rotate it out of the way.

Note that if you have some special connectors on your straps and no D-rings, the helmet hook that the Ryker dealers sell will NOT work. Like ratcheting straps/connectors for instance. The Helmet Hook will work with ALL straps/attachments. Even quick connectors and, it costs only 1/3 of the the one they sell.

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